Why 1 Handbag Is No Longer Enough

Last season, we were tightening our handbag straps, lifting them to chest level to make a statement. But for Fall 2017, we’re seeing a new trend take hold. From the runways to the street, bag layering is the name of the game. Whether it’s by affixing a change purse to a larger satchel or simply coordinating two different totes, more is definitely more.

In Milan, Gucci debuted a new connector strap which hooks together three different pouches. The following day, Fendi revealed the new Run Away double-handle bag, along with a classic “F” key fob that comes with an accordion of clutches. Finally, Lanvin made a case for swinging two crossbodies around the shoulder in Paris. While we’ll have to wait until next season to get our hands on those designs, a scroll through some IRL inspiration will leave you full of ideas for mastering the look.

Aside from its obvious allure — this is an easy way to add an extra dash of color and extra dimension to your outfit — the move allows for better organization, too. Credit cards in the tiniest compartment, phone or iPad in the largest — and you can say goodbye to that worn-out canvas tote. Ahead, we have some quick tips for bag layering and our shopping picks to help you accomplish the task at hand.