Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast Press Tour Looks Are More Magical Than They Appear

Emma Watson took on the green carpet challenge back in 2015, committing to wearing only ethically made clothing. Back then, she and her stylist Sarah Slutsky would break down each element of her outfit, from dainty jewels to pumps, detailing where every item came from on Instagram. But Emma’s taking things one step further as she promotes Beauty and the Beast on the film’s press tour, which started in Paris.

Emma created a new account called @the_press_tour, where she’ll be sharing sketches of her looks, all-angle videos, and lengthy captions that credit the team who crafted her pieces. Many of the designers she’s tapping, like Stella McCartney, have been on board with using recycled materials for years. Emma’s dresses and jumpsuits are “verified green” by Eco-Age, a company that promotes sustainability through core principles that include matters of pollution, labor work, and fabric resourcing.

Scroll to get a look at everything Emma’s worn so far — including this custom blue dress by Louis Vuitton and a straight-off-the-runway Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit — then hold out for her next ensemble, which will cater to both her smart standards and sophisticated sense of style.