Chrissy Metz: “I Do Want to Lose Weight, but Not Because Anyone Is Telling Me To”

From the moment we were introduced to Kate, Chrissy Metz’s character on the new hit series This Is Us, we were moved by her candid struggle to lose weight. We’ve found ourselves rooting for her success episode after episode. Chrissy been very open about how her character’s struggle to lose weight parallels her own personal life, and now she’s discussing her realistic body goals and her fears about her weight. In a new interview with Marie Claire, the 36-year-old actress reveals that she may call herself a lot of things — e.g., “overweight,” “big,” and “plus-size” — but “fat” is not something she likes to think of herself as.

“I do want to lose weight,” Chrissy said. “But not because anyone is telling me to do it.” We recently learned that weight loss was in Chrissy contract for the show, but she’s reiterating that it wasn’t an “if you don’t lose weight, you’ll be fired” situation. “Nothing is mandated. It’s not like, ‘If you sign this contract you have to do this.’ We haven’t even talked about an actual number with Kate. Ever.”

But in real life, Chrissy’s goals are clear: “To be proportioned.” She admitted that she wears a size 18 or 20 in pants and that she carries more weight in her stomach. “I just want to have . . . not even a number, but to have my body in a different shape,” Chrissy explained.

While Kate has tried many different ways to lose weight, such as therapy and weight-loss camp on the show, Chrissy’s real-life approach is a little “mellower” but a more rigid, all-or-nothing approach is not out of the question. “I would love to go on The Biggest Loser, where it’s a concentrated thing,” she explained.

“My father is a big guy,” Chrissy shared. “He’s had a quadruple bypass surgery, and that’s scary. Those are real things that happen in families with overweight people, and I don’t want that.” It’s incredible how open she is about her struggles and her goals to lose weight in a healthy way. We can’t wait to see where Chrissy’s journey takes her, both on the screen and off the screen.

Check out her full interview here.