Oh, the “Perfect Places” You’ll Go in Lorde’s New Music Video

Today is Lorde’s day.
She has a new video!
It’s time to press play!

Lorde has all kinds of Places
to show to the masses.
She holds up a machete
to cut the tall grasses.
She lights a big fire. Then she dances around.
Next she stands on the shore in her fancy shore gown.

She goes for a swim,
with a whisky in hand.
She shoots fruit with her gun
so it lands in the sand.

Swinging from a forest tree
or wearing finery by the sea
or at her fancy beachfront home
or in a restaurant all alone.
There are many Places.

Do these Places look perfect?
Maybe so, but you’re wrong!
There are no Perfect Places!
That’s the point of the song.